Thursday, March 19, 2015

Expanding Social Media Horizons!

Hello, my name is Kayi Lawson! I am a freshman marketing major. I ended up at NIU because of three main reasons. One, I was born here and it always stayed in the back of my mind. Two, all the other places I applied to I did not like. Third, NIU has an amazing business school and building that houses it. For the Environmental Studies Office this semester, I am an Interactive Marketing Intern. Basically, I will find better ways for us to use our social media, promote our website visitation, and other marketing duties. My knowledge about the environment is limited to what I have been taught in school, but I do think we should keep the place we live clean and I hope to learn more about the environment throughout my time here.


During the short time that Kayi has been with the ENVS office, she has accomplished quite a bit. You can now find information about ENVS in the following social media outlets:


Linked In (private and might need to request access)