Friday, November 17, 2017

Summer Job Opportunity at Carus Corporation

2018 Summer Student/Temp
La Salle, IL, US

Job Class4829 Manufacturing
1. Assist in pick up and delivery of corporate interoffice mail.
2. Assist in horticulture project of removing prairie landscaping.
3. Participate in general housekeeping projects as assigned.
College student with a technical background and an interest in chemical manufacturing.   
Requires a self-motivated individual with good organizational and communication skills 
as well as excellent work standards. 
Must have sufficient mobility to access all areas of the plant site in support of assigned work.
This will involve climbing and descending ladders and stairways. Must be able to lift and manipulate
up to 50 lb containers of raw materials or finished products. Must be able to legally operate a motor
vehicle and a forklift. Exposed to noise, dust, heat, steam, and hazardous materials requiring use of 
safety equipment. Required to wear personal protective equipment in the plant environment, which 
may include a respirator or other specialized equipment.

Get more information here at Carus Corporation's website.

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