Thursday, August 6, 2020

STEM Cafe Stargazing August 11

 Join us on August 11, for a dazzling evening of stargazing and viewing of the annual Perseid meteor shower – with outdoor in-person and live-streaming options. These brilliant meteors radiate from the Perseus constellation and appear throughout the sky. Our panel of experts will introduce us to stellar science subjects, such as microwave telescopes and the latest space exploration missions. Then we’ll head out to observe the night sky with our personal telescopes or the naked eye.


This year, we have a blended event with two options for our Stargazing STEM Café.  We will have an outdoor in-person event that will be live streamed from the Open Range Southwest Grill in Sugar Grove and a virtual option as our past several cafés.  The virtual live streamed event via Adobe Connect is FREE – register for the online STEM Café at 


Outdoor in-person registration for groups of up to four persons is $15 and includes admission and a small NIU blanket. Register for the outdoor event at  Three talks are scheduled from 7-9:00 PM followed by viewing the skies with the naked eye or your own telescope.  NIU STEAM is unable to bring its own telescopes as we are unable to share equipment during the pandemic and meteor shows can be viewed with the naked eye.  Food (hamburgers, chicken sandwich, brats etc.) will be available for purchase as early as 6:00 PM in case people would like to eat before and find their location.  Food will be available for purchase at the Pine Room window from 6:00 to 8:30 PM. Guests will check in with Judy Dymond to get their blanket.  Attendees must follow social distancing protocols.  Masks are required when purchasing food, using restrooms, or when within 6 feet of a person outside your household.  An outdoor pavilion is available in case of rain.  Outdoor in-person registration is limited to 50 people to ensure safe distancing.


We are happy to bring you three speakers:


Chris Stoughton, FermiLab Scientist, Microwave Maps of Matter and Energy

Joel Knapper, NASA Ambassador, NASA’s Return to the Moon in 2024 – How

Different Our New Journey Will Be

                Jeremy Benson, NIU STEM Educator, What We Can See in the Sky Tonight

Monday, August 3, 2020

NCEE is hiring a BA for a research opportunity

NCEE is hiring a 1-2 year research participant (language they’re coached to use, but think an RA/pre-doc) to help out with a variety of projects. It closes at the end of this month although applications may be reviewed on a rolling basis. They're committed to make this a really great learning experience for whoever they get. Please let them know if you have any questions.

Title: EPA Water and Air Quality Policy Assessment Internship

Reference Code: EPA-OP-NCEE-2020-01

The opportunity details can be found:

Monday, July 27, 2020

A free stress-management app

Students, if you feel like you're always stressed or disorganized, then take a look at this app. It'll help you prioritize your duties, homework, studying, work, etc. better and also remind you to focus on yourself as well. The app is called "Intellicare Hub", which is available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store. 







Conservation Leader Internship Program

Kim Elsenbroek is the Land Conservation Specialist with the Land Conservancy of McHenry County (TLC). They are a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on preserving and restoring privately owned land in McHenry County Illinois. TLC also maintains a number of preserves which are open to the public and provides free/affordable educational programming for the greater McHenry area (and beyond!).

The Conservation Leader Internship Program (CLIP) is a paid summer internship that will provide underserved and BIPOC students/youth with hand-on professional training in the field of conservation. Participants will gain experience areas such as: Plant identification, Land management, GIS/GPS training, Prescribed fire training, Herbicide use, Rare plant   monitoring, Wildlife/Stream surveys, Sustainable farming techniques, Land preservation techniques, Field safety, Scientific research/Experimental design, Art in the natural world, Career development and Professional networking. Collectively, these skills will give each participant a strong understanding of the field of conservation and serve as a springboard for a professional career in the field of conservation.

They are looking for students/youth that are High School Senior - Freshman/Sophomore in college. Applicants are not required to be enrolled in a college program.

Internship Opportunities with Citizens' Climate Higher Education

Citizens' Climate Higher Education are accepting applications for Fall 2020 interns. Interns work behind the scenes with their staff on climate conferences, outreach, engagement, and advocacy. See for position descriptions and how to apply. In addition to internships with the national organization, students can also intern with local chapters. Please reach out to your local chapter leader to find out if they would like to host an internship. Applications are due August 10.