Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Omprakash Global Internship

NIU Global Internship Program

The NIU Global Internship is partnered with Omprakash, a nonprofit organization that works to connect educational institutions with social impact organizations. Omprakash offers opportunities across over 150 global organizations in more than 40 countries.
The program works hard to resist problematic trends in “voluntourism” by challenging students to immerse themselves in communities and address personal biases and misinformed assumptions. The goal of these internships is to urge students to do more than simply experience a new culture. You will learn to thoughtfully consider the needs and struggles of diverse global communities through new relationships and dialogue.
The program is broken into two parts:
  • A one-week training course at NIU (1 credit)
  • Internship chosen from Omprakash network of organizations (credit varies)
Omprakash also provides students with personalized mentoring throughout the internship experience.
Upon completion of the internship, students will complete a collaborative, creative, research-based capstone project to share with their host organization, Omprakash and NIU.