Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Entreamigos Summer Internships

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Yes!  Entreamigos will be receiving interns this year and we would love to have students join us from NIU.  We have changed a few of our internship policies, but we do not yet have those in a format that I would feel comfortable sending out formally. 

In short though.. 

  • The internship is six weeks, requiring 480 hours of service alongside other interns from the United States and Mexico. We generally host approximately 20 interns in the summer session. 
  • Students are responsible for all of their expenses, but we will help to organize reasonably priced housing etc. 
  • The internship is project based, students must arrive with a pre-approved project to work on or towards, but there will be several options to choose from.  Students may also design their own project that fits our guidelines and the needs of the center. 
  • Students who do NOT speak fluent spanish are strongly encouraged to take spanish classes daily.  
  • There may be an additional requirement of a Leadership Week workshop as part of the internship or in addition to the internship.  This is one of the few factors that we are still defining. 
And despite all of the formalities... San Pancho is a pretty fun place and the center is packed full of energy and action, it is a great place to jump into a new culture in a safe, educational and important way.