Friday, November 18, 2016


This is the sign up sheet for Ditch and Dash! (formally known as Give and Go!). I really want to encourage you to sign up, this is a very simple way for Golden Key to get involved in both NIU and the DeKalb community. Completing the bin monitoring will only take an hour of your time. This project is responsible for keeping more than 20 tons of materials out of landfills from NIU in three years! In the last two years, we have also added a canned goods and toiletries drive that has supplied many students and people in need in the Dekalb community.  

All that is required is walking (or driving) to the listed dormitories, and recording the percent that each bin is full (the Goodwill bin, canned goods bin, and toiletries bin will be at each location). The attached image will help you determine how full each bin is! If driving, it is very easy to park with flashers during this time in front of each building. This should be done at approximately 6:00pm each night (plus or minus two hours or so) before lock-out times.

Steps for filling out the form (click here: DITCH AND DASH Fall 2016 SIGN UP SHEET)

1.) Please sign up next to the date that you would like to participate ASAP.
2.) On the date(s) that you (or you and a partner if you like) sign up for, complete the "percentage full" section. Bins are considered "full" when items reach the top of the bin (again, see the attachment). Please note overflow and tube televisions, we are trying very hard to avoid them! It is very important that these are completed ASAP (around 9:00pm) so that we know whether to schedule a pick up from Goodwill, who monitors these forms nightly. 

Directions can be found on the map attached below. Please note, Northern View is on the map but not part of your responsibility to monitor. 

It is VERY important that if you CANNOT make the date that you sign up for, you contact me immediately so that I can find someone else to monitor the bins. They must be monitored every night! Call/text me at 224-558-6500, and, for extra measure, send me an email too.  

Do you need any more reasons to volunteer, other than it is an easy way to get service hours and a refreshing break from exams?

1.) Donation bins save the school money that would be used otherwise on disposal fees and renting extra dumpsters during move-out.

2.) Donating instead of discarding materials takes up more space in landfills, which is disappointing because many of these items can be reused. 

3.) Goodwill provides needed jobs, training, and all sorts of good throughout the country. Employment in Goodwill gives job experience/training, addition education, and even language training to variety of individuals, including the disabled, veterans, and immigrants. 

Please contact me with any questions...