Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Environmental Technician Job

Leggette, Brashears & Graham, Inc. has offices in Freeport, IL and Madison, WI (lbgweb.com), and an environmental consulting firm with offices nationwide. They are interested in hiring a full-time environmental technician to be based in either Freeport or Madison.  Traditionally, they have hired/trained geologist or environmental engineers out of school, but they’ve never hired a technician.  A good portion of the work requires out of town travel to conduct environmental site assessments (Phase I/II ESA), landfill construction quality assurance observation, routine soil/groundwater monitoring at various hazardous/petroleum sites, and a variety of other environmental construction/petroleum spill projects.  Most of the projects are for national clients.

They've trained many geologists/engineers on these types of projects, on which they gain a great deal of experience with field sampling/documentation procedures, data analysis/interpretation, technical report writing, drafting, etc.  But after obtaining some experience in these areas, they tend to want to move on to more involved engineering/hydrogeology projects, obtain their P.E. or P.G. and the field work/technician type role becomes less attractive.  Yet their need for developing experienced environmental technicians that will seek to master those skills is critical to their business, and the need for those skills is growing….both locally and at other LBG offices around the country.

Brian C. Kimpel, PG
Associate Vice President
Leggette, Brashears & Graham, Inc.
773 W. Lincoln Blvd, Suite 102
Freeport, IL 61032

815.297.8889 (fax)