Monday, April 11, 2016

The Illinois Groundwater Association Research Opportunity

The Illinois Groundwater Association seeks to advance the knowledge of groundwater resources in Illinois and offers college students research grants to meet this goal.  For the Spring semester, we seek to fund two (2) research grants up to $1,000 each.  Please see the attachment for funding guidelines and an application.  Applications are due April 22, 2016.

Info about previous IGA student grants can be found here:
Attend the IGA’s next mtg in Champaign on April 20th:



1. Read the Illinois Groundwater Association’s Guidelines for the IGA Student Research Grant Program (attached). Make sure you follow the Application Guidelines.

2. Complete the application form by typing or printing in the spaces provided. Also, attach a maximum of two pages, typed single spaced, describing your project. Please include:
- statement of the objectives of the project
- brief review of the significance of the project
- statement of the proposed methods for accomplishing the project
- location of any field investigations and relevance of research to Illinois groundwater
- an approximate timetable for the project
- a brief bibliography of literature cited.

3. Sign the application form and have it signed by your advisor or research supervisor.

4. Submit the completed application to:
Dr. Ed Mehnert, Grants Coordinator
Illinois Groundwater Association
c/o Illinois State Geological Survey
615 E. Peabody Drive
Champaign, Illinois 61820

Voice: 217-244-2765
Fax: 217-244-2785

Completed applications should be postmarked by the following deadlines:
Fall applications: Friday, November 20, 2015
Spring applications: Friday, April 22, 2016