Monday, April 11, 2016

Earth Week Events

Monday, April 18th at 6pm
in Campus Life Building Room 100

Anthropology Club:Indigenous Voices on Climate Change

The NIU Student Association is sponsoring and hosting "Earth Week," a week of environmental awareness put on by the collaborative effort of the NIU Environmental Student Advisory Committee.

As part of Earth Week Anthropology Club is hosting a screening of "Indigenous Voices on Climate Change," a series of short documentaries, filmed and compiled by acclaimed filmmaker Citt Williams.

With today’s rapid climatic changes, the lives of indigenous peoples are being dramatically affected: some are losing homes, livelihoods, cultures and the ecosystems upon which their survival directly depends. As our scientists calculate the increasing climate-induced losses, we also recognize that our indigenous peoples’ perspectives of climatic change are extremely valuable.

The traditional knowledge of many communities embodies a deeply spiritualize and ancient relationship with the earth’s systems and cycles. Traditional songs and languages, clothing, architecture, foods, motifs, daily rituals and mythological epics are encoded with local survival information. Moreover, the diversity of indigenous cultures provides unique insights and powerful codes on how to live harmoniously within nature.

By sharing these indigenous stories of vulnerability and adaptation, we also share ideas on how ancestral wisdom is being incorporated into adaptation strategies. By cherishing the value of traditional knowledge we can discover how best to adapt to a changing climate.

This series explores indigenous peoples' problems resulting from and responses to anthropogenic climate change and features indigenous peoples from Malawi, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Iran, Papua New Guinea, Tajikistan, Ethiopia, Australia, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Japan, Kenya, Panama, Peru, Madagascar, Russia, and Indonesian Borneo.

Tuesday, April 19th at 7pm
in Montgomery Auditorium 

Committee for the Preservation of    Wildlife(CPW):

Live Bat Show


Enjoy a multi-media presentation on Bat Education! See live Egyptian and African Straw-Colored Fruit Bats! Don’t miss the opportunity to see these amazing creatures up close and personal! Also we are selling Bat Boxes for you to give local bats a home. #GoGreenNIU

Wed-Friday, April 20-23 From 10am-3pm
Outside Montgomery Hall

Committee for the Preservation of Wildlife(CPW): Plant Sale

CPW will be holding it annual Earth Week plant sale. Come by to get some native plants or some of our other selections. Friday (4/22), there will be a table at Green Bash selling plants as well as one at Montgomery

Thursday, April 21st from 10am-4pm
in Davis Hall

Geology Club: Geoguessr & Geography Club Bake Sale

What is Geoguessr?"
Geoguessr is an online game that uses Google Street View to place you anywhere in the world. You then have to use your surroundings to try and figure out where you are either by looking at the climate, soil type, local signs and license plate shapes, vegetation, etc. The closer to your starting location that you guess, the more points you receive. The 3 people with the highest scores will each win a prize depending on their rank. 

In addition, there will also be a bake sale at the same time so when you're waiting for your turn or browsing the world, you can do with a snack in your hand (common treats include cookies, brownies, and the famous Geography club walking tacos).

"Who is running it?"
Good question! the NIU Geography Club is sponsoring/hosting both the Geoguessr game and the bake sale. We do a lot of geography-related activities to show the students at NIU what Geography is and how it can be, or how you may use it, in everyday life (and we meet Tuesdays at 11am...hint hint).

"Why this week?"
Another good question! This particular week is the first ever Earth Week featuring various environmental clubs throughout campus. Be sure to check out flyers posted around various buildings and other Facebook events to catch some of the great activities and events that will be going on that week. If you're especially enjoying an event or you participate in any sort of green/sustainable/earth friendly practices and, like most people, document them on social media, then be sure to use#GoGreenNIU as a way to encourage others to be green!

Thursday, April 21st from 4pm-10am

at Anderson Hall Communiversity Gardens

Communiversity Gardens: Garden Prep

Come get your paws dirty and help the garden be ready for the planting season! Weeding, tilling, turning compost, and other fun, muddy tasks will be accompanied by food, laughs and music! Participate in sack and wheel barrel races to win Earth Week t-shirts!

Friday April 22nd from 10am-3pm
at MLK Commons

Green Paws Environmental Alliance: Green Bash

Join us on April 22th from 10-3pm @ the MLK Commons for our Third annual Green Bash! Our main goal is to bring together the campus as well as the surrounding community in an effort to promote sustainability. We have local businesses, bands, food, and other campus organizations come together for an all day festival. Between games, a dunk tank, live music, fresh food, artwork, local vendors, sunshine, and some awesome information on how to create a sustainable campus, there’s something there for everyone!

Saturday, April 23rd from 9am-12pm
at Cole Hall Reflection Pond

Illinois Lakes Management Association(ILMA):
Earth Week Clean Up

In honor of Earth Week (and also because the Reflection Pond and creek are really full of trash), Illinois Lakes Management Association is hosting a creek cleanup!

Dress for the weather, and in clothes that can get dirty.

A limited quantity of waders and boots will be provided, so please wear your own water-proof, thick-soled boots if you can.

You never know what you'll find at a cleanup--money, weird things, gross things, a mattress (we will probably find a mattress)--so come out and have fun while helping to keep our campus clean!