Monday, February 22, 2016

Wildlife Conservation Research in South Africa

Nkonzo Bush Academy, a terrestrial wildlife conservation training team based in South Africa.  Conservation training experiences focus on the ethical well-being of all wildlife, and a positive future for our environment.  Our team is making a genuine impact in the eco-tourism conservation industry. 

Our program helps participants gain the following knowledge –

• dangerous game approach methods
• bush survival skills, tracking and reading animal signs
• assist in conservation and wildlife management efforts on the reserve
• examine the status of the highly endangered Cape leopard population
• non-invasive wildlife approach methods
• ethics and safety of both humans and wildlife 
• work in the bush both on foot and in a vehicle
• data collection, entry and analysis
• gain the experience you need to design and conduct your own research projects

Conservation projects (subject to data collection needs and environmental factors) –

• large mammal home ranges                
• zebra stripe patterns
• hippo submersion intervals
• impala vigilance
• buffalo release behaviour

Our Team has unrestricted access to a natural reserve spanning 11 000 hectares (26 000 acres).  The African wildlife is free roaming, and amongst the many game you’ll find the Big 5.  This spectacular reserve that lies at the foothills of the Langeberg and Outeniqua Mountain ranges, is comprised of Fynbos and grass plains.  The Fynbos is endemic to the Western Cape region, and exists nowhere else in the world.