Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sea Turtle Protection Volunteer Opportunity Greece

The following placements are now announced:

During the year 2016 nesting season (mid-May to mid-October) on Zakynthos, Crete and Peloponnesus: Volunteers are involved in fieldwork, public awareness and maintenance. Volunteers stay in basic designated campsites.

All year round at ARCHELON’s Rescue Centre, situated in Athens: Volunteers are involved in sea turtle rehabilitation, public awareness and maintenance work. Accommodation is provided at the Centre.

Amvrakikos Project (July-August): The project’s objective is to capture, collect data and tag sea turtles. This activity is quite physically
demanding and often takes place over long hours.

Volunteers cover their own travel and food costs as well as other personal expenses and sometimes their accommodation (depending on the project).

If you would like to use your volunteering period with ARCHELON as an internship for your
college/university, then it is necessary to inform ARCHELON when you submit your application.

Please note that no project data can be used for any report you may have to write.