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Midewin Job Opportunity

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Visitor Services Information Assistant (GS-1001-05)
USDA Forest Service - Eastern Region
Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
Wilmington, Illinois 60481

The Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie will soon be advertising to fill three TEMPORARY GS-1001-5 Visitor Services Information Assistant position. The official duty station is Wilmington, Illinois located about 45 miles southwest of Chicago. Midewin was established in 1996 as the first national tallgrass prairie in the country and in the National Forest System. It is also the largest open space in the six-county Chicago metropolitan area.

This temporary positions hours worked is not to exceed 1039 hours per year.

The official duty station is Wilmington, Illinois.

The General Scheduled Pay Scale in this area for a GS-05 starts around $16.75 per hour

If you are Interested in this Position: I am certain you will find a refreshing approach to leadership in natural resource management. If you are looking for an opportunity to do ground-breaking, nationally recognized work please respond to this outreach using the following method: Please respond by using the Web-based Response Form located at: and navigate to this positions outreach notice using the following directions:
1)     Once at the site find you should see the title “Current and Upcoming Forest Service Jobs Opportunities”
2)     Under that title locate a subsection titled “Duty Station Search”
3)     Under that title locate the words that say “Within City, State” then Click on the circle to the left of that statement
4)     A box will appear to the right of the Within City, State statement you selected
5)     Then in that box type in Wilmington, IL
6)     Then find the “Perform Search” tab in the bottom left “Current and Upcoming Forest Service Jobs Opportunities” and click on it.
7)     The link to the outreach notice will appear below that tab
8)     Click on the link that says “VSTR SRVCS INFO ASST” (Grade 05) and the information requested will be presented to you
9)     Then Click on the “Respond” tab at the bottom right and provide the information requested
10)   NOTE be sure to Click on the “Submit Response” tab when you are done with entering your information

*NOTE:  By doing this you are only showing that you are interested in the position.  This DOES NOT COUNT AS APPLYING for the position.  We will forward you the link to apply for the position.

For additional information:
Please contact Wendy Tresouthick by phone at (815) 423-6370 or by email at

Summary of Position Duties:
Assists in developing specific objectives for interpretive programs and displays, providing input to the annual plan of work.  Inventories and prepares reports on the annual volumes of use, trends in public information needs, and public response to existing information output.  Makes regular visits to the various public schools and social groups.  Makes presentations on subjects such as fire safety, environmental awareness, recreation activities, and litter prevention.  Maintains inventory of existing publications for public use.  Prepares or assists in the preparation of informational exhibits which include photos, maps, etc.  Maintains the Forest video, film, and slide library and audio-visual equipment.  Meets visitors and independently replies, either verbally or in writing, to phone and mail inquiries requesting general information about Forest Service activities, programs, and policies.  Responds to a variety of questions covering all services that the forest/district may offer.  Coordinates forest service presence with local and community special events, including parades, holiday activities, fairs, shows, and celebrations.  Monitors local newspapers for articles related to the Forest Service.  Clips and routes articles to the appropriate staffs.  Responsible as the forest/district collection officer for the sale of forest maps, passes and product permits.  Maintains accurate records of sales to account for monies collected; prepares bill for collections, and transfers funds in a timely and accurate manner to lockbox.  May work with the public affairs staff to develop informational publications, including information regarding the various forest permits (firewood, Christmas trees, etc), special events, recreational opportunities, travel management information.  May develop, revise and update recreation opportunity guides using the latest technology to make information user friendly and timely.

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Area
Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie was established in 1996 as part of the peace time conversion of the former Joliet Army Ammunition Plant and is administered by the USDA Forest Service.  It is also the largest open space in the six-county Chicago metropolitan area. Midewin is implementing its first Land and Resource Management Plan to accomplish the four purposes outlined in the establishing legislation:
·         To manage the land and water resources to conserve and enhance native populations and habitats of fish, wildlife, and plants;
·         To provide opportunities for scientific, environmental, and land use education and research;
·         To allow continued agricultural use under certain conditions; and
·         To provide a variety of recreation opportunities.

Midewin operates in an unusually integrated manner with a wide variety of partners.  It is the largest contiguous open space, at approximately 19,000 acres in northeastern Illinois.  Check out our website at to gain an overview of what's current and planned at Midewin.

Midewin is located 45 miles southwest of Chicago, the third largest metropolitan area in the country; a rural atmosphere predominates throughout the small to mid-sized farming communities that surround Midewin.  There are numerous schools, hospitals, doctors, churches, and communities to choose from and cultural opportunities are nearly limitless.

Wilmington, Illinois is a full service community with a population of 5,000 and is located adjacent to the Kankakee River.  Fishing is quite popular along the Kankakee and throughout various other rivers and small lakes that surround the area.  The climate in this area is defined by four distinct seasons.  Summer temperatures can reach over the 90’s, accompanied with, high humidity and heat index in the 100s or more.  Spring and fall have average temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s.  Winter temperatures will frequently dip below freezing and it is not unusual to see several inches of snow covering the ground November through March.

The Midewin headquarters is located along State Highway 53, two miles north of the town of Wilmington, Illinois. Midewin team members live in many area communities, ranging from the more urban Joliet, population 83,000, to smaller communities tucked around the surrounding farm fields, like Essex, 500, or nearby Elwood, 1,000 For more information on Wilmington, there is a community website available at Many options for residing in larger communities are available within an easy half hour commute. There is no public transit available to the Midewin office. The closest Metra station providing access to Chicago is in Joliet.   

For more information on Wilmington, there is a community website available at  Many options for residing in larger communities are available within an easy half hour commute.  There is no public transit available to the Midewin office.  The closest Metra station providing access to Chicago is in Joliet.

Medical facilities are plentiful, including easy access to nationally-recognized institutions in Chicago.  Cultural events range from performances at the historic Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, to playhouses at local universities, to a variety of festivals celebrating local heritage, to the wide theater, restaurant, and museum options of Chicago.