Wednesday, September 16, 2015

NASA Internship and Job Opportunities for Students

NASA Johnson Space Center PATHWAYS Intern Job announcement: Please take this opportunity to reach back to your contacts at your Universities and student groups and encourage all to apply.
 NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) will be opening several job announcements for our Pathways Intern Employment Program (a Cooperative Education Program). The JSC Pathways Intern Employment Program allows engineering and business students to gain valuable work experience on an alternating school/work basis, and serves as the pipeline for our future full-time employees.

The job announcements will be open September 14-18, 2015 seeking the following majors:
·         Accounting (Business Administration, Public Administration, Finance)
·         Business (Management, Economics, Human Resources, Communications, Journalism, Marketing, and other related fields)
·         Aerospace Engineering
·         Chemical Engineering
·         Computer, Electrical, and Software Engineering
·         Mechanical Engineering

To apply please visit Attached is a reference guide to help you through the application process.  For more information including program requirements, visit our website at: