Monday, April 7, 2014

Summer Courses in Geography

There are a number of online summer course opportunities in the Department of Geography.  The following courses are either required or electives in ENVS, depending on degree path:

GEOG 253 - Environment and Society (Gen-ed; 3)
GEOG 303 - Water Resources and the Environment (3)
GEOG 306 - Severe and Hazardous Weather (3)

PPT-ready images advertising 303 and 306 are available here:

These three courses will also be available either online or on-campus this fall.

There are also online offerings in GIS, including: GEOG 256 (Maps and Mapping), GEOG 359 (Intro to GIS), and GEOG 459 (GIS).  In addition, Gen-ed GEOG 101 (Physical Geography) is offered online.

Finally, for a truly unique opportunity ... Walker Ashley leads a "storm chasing" field experiential learning course through COD every May.  He still has a few seats available on my 10-day trip (Trip 2) to the Great Plains if anyone is interested. This course can transfer to NIU as MET 291 - Field Experience in Meteorology.  However, anyone can participate -- they often have a very diverse set of folks, from 18-yr old freshmen to faculty retirees. Details (including a FAQ) regarding this opportunity are available at COD: