Thursday, April 24, 2014

Internship with Mason County Health Department

Environmental studies students are invited to consider interning with the Mason County Health Department in Havana, Illinois this summer. This is a temporary, paid internship with primary duties related to vector control measures. Please see attachment for more information. Interested applicants should contact Teschlyn Woods with any questions and may submit resumes via email to or by mail. Resumes will be considered until May 7, 2014.

Teschlyn Woods, BHS
Director of Environmental Health
Mason County Health Department
1002 E. Laurel Ave.
Havana, IL 62644

(309) 543-2201 ext. 240


Mason County Health Department 
Environmental Health Intern

Basic Function/Position Objective:  Protect the Public’s Health.  Intern will gain practical experience in the field of public health vector surveillance and control by providing a variety of office and field work to support the vector control program, and will prepare reports related to activities. 

Nature of Work:
  • 75% of work is completed in the field, often outdoors and often in inclement weather (wind, rain, sun, extreme heat).  Work requires bending, pushing, pulling, twisting and lifting up to 50 pounds.  
  • 15% of work is report preparations in the office—computer skills are essential. 
  • 10% of work is responding to complaints and potentially upset public. 
  • Weekend, evening and on call work is required.  A considerable amount of time is spent driving to location in employee’s personal vehicle.

Pay Status:  Temporary Intern Hourly, Non-Exempt

Organizational Relationship:
A.        Immediate Supervisor-Responsible to the EH Director
B.        Staff- Does not supervise but works proactively with all Health Department personnel to assure successful performance of assigned job duties and responsibilities.

Essential Functions:
  1. Establishes and maintains positive working relationships with the public, contractors, local government officials, IDPH program personnel and others as needed to complete work and maintain the highest level of communication
  2. Compliance with Health Department, county and program policies, procedures, laws, codes, ordinances and expectations
  3. Conducts inspections of mosquito production sites and other vector complaints
  4. Participates in West Nile Virus surveillance and risk reduction activities
  5. Collects, evaluates and packages dead birds for WNV testing
  6. Attends training to apply mosquito control products
  7. Works with EPA to organize a used tire collection drop-off
  8. Educates and informs public about personal protection against WNV
  9. Accurately interprets maps
  10. Maintains detailed accurate records on inspections, investigations and correspondence
  11. Actively participates in Emergency Preparedness efforts and responds during non-office hours as needed
  12. All other duties as assigned by Supervisors
  1. Education Training, and Experience
    1. 2 years of college level education
    2. Major or Minor in Environmental Health related degree 
  1. Knowledge skills and abilities:
    1. Verbal communication skills are required to effectively build relationships and communicate instructions/respond to question from the public and all partners.
    2. Strong interpersonal skills to listen and respond to concerns, inquiries and complaints from clients, regulatory agencies and/or members of the community
    3. General Office Skills to write letters, file, collate, etc.
    4. Microsoft Office proficiency