Friday, April 11, 2014

Elmhurst Garden Club Scholarship

Elmhurst Garden Club
College Scholarship Application Information

The Mildred Hartney Scholarship is open to students enrolled in Horticulture and/or Environmental Studies or a related science area such as biology or botany.

Our Goal:
To encourage the advancement and stimulate an interest in horticulture through education; to provide an outlet for creative expression; to further education in horticulture, environmental studies, conservation and landscape design through scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Must be a junior or senior
  • Must have a declared major in horticulture, biology/botany, and/or environmental studies.
  • Must submit a complete official academic transcript
  • Must have a minimum grade point average of "B" (3.0 on a 4.0 scale)
  • Must submit a photo suitable for publication (if awarded scholarship).
  • Must present a short program on your major at a meeting of the Elmhurst Garden Club (if awarded scholarship).

Application Procedures:
  • The deadline for the application and all required documentation is due on May 1 to Jean Baldikoski, Scholarship Chair, Elmhurst Garden Club, 440 S. Prospect Avenue, Elmhurst, IL 60126.
  •  Must submit two letters of recommendation: one from the majoring department and one from a non-related individual.
  •  Must submit a cover letter discussing commitment to chosen career, extra-curricular activities, community service and work-related experiences.
  •  Must submit a letter of acceptance (if awarded scholarship).

 Eligibility Requirements
  • You must meet all eligibility criteria.
  • All parts of the application must be typed or legible in order to be considered.
  •  All attachments must contain your full name.
  •  Scholarship funding awarded is granted only for tuition at the college/university designated on application during year applied for.

Application Checklist:
_____ Cover Letter describing your interest in horticulture, Environmental Studies and/or a related science area and providing specific information/evidence of your involvement in these areas.
 _____ Transcript from the University/College
_____  Scholarship Application
_____  Letters of Recommendation
_____  Materials sent to Jean Baldikoski, Scholarship Chair, Elmhurst Garden Club, 440 S. Prospect
             Avenue, Elmhurst IL 60126             
_____  Postmarked by May 1   
Elmhurst Garden Club
College Scholarship Application 2012-2013
Deadline May 1, 2014 -  Use additional sheets if needed.
Name_____________________________________________ Date_______________________
Home Address_________________________________________________________________
City and Zip_____________________________Phone Number__________________________
E-mail address___________________________Alternate Phone Number_________________
Date of Birth_______________________
Grade Pt. Avg. to-date:_______ Email_______________________________________________
Social Security Number__________________________________________________________
School Address________________________________________________________________
Names of Parents/Guardians and Occupations:
List all the classes you have taken in Environmental Studies and/or other science related subjects ____________________________________________________________________________
List organized activities or clubs in which you have participated:_________________________
Describe your work or volunteer-related activities during the past three years:__________

How do you plan to apply your education after you graduate?