Friday, October 5, 2012

Publish Your Research

Call For Submissions
The Journal of Science Policy and Governance will be accepting submissions relating to emerging topics and issues in science policy in early January, 2013. The Journal invites young scholars interested in publishing new ideas and research for policy-makers, planners, and managers in a variety of fields. For more information please email or go to our website:

The Journal of Science Policy and Governance is an interdisciplinary journal that seeks high-quality submissions on emerging or continuing policy debates. Current students (undergraduate or graduate) and recent graduates within three years of earning a degree (bachelors, masters, or doctoral) are eligible to submit. The Journal strives to publish articles in a timely manner to ensure that publications can be considered in the context of current policy debates. The Journal seeks to publish on a wide range of topics in a variety of ways. Below are the types of articles that can be submitted and their guidelines.

Policy Memos
Maximum of four pages or 2000 words
One paragraph executive summary
Must be directed to an individual or organization
Policy Analyses
Maximum of 30 pages

Must include a one page executive summary
Must include policy recommendations
Technology Assessments
Maximum of 35 pages
Must include a one page executive summary
Must examine the policy and governance implications of technology in question
May include policy recommendations
Maximum of 1000 words

Must include policy or governance implications