Thursday, April 9, 2015

Online GEOG courses offered this summer/fall

The following Geography courses are available this summer and fall. Both have no prereqs, will be 100% online, and potentially satisfy course requirements in ESE emphases.

GEOG 303: Water Resources and the Environment
Evaluation of water as a resource; its availability, distribution, use, and quality. Operation of the hydrologic cycle and relationships between surface water and the soil, groundwater, and atmosphere. Human impacts on water resources and the management of water-related hazards, including flooding, drought, and the spread of disease. Lecture and field experience.

GEOG 306: Severe and Hazardous Weather
Examination of fundamentals of atmospheric phenomena with an emphasis on understanding concepts and processes behind severe manifestations of weather and climate. Physical aspects of extratropical cyclones, winter weather phenomena, thunderstorm phenomena, tropical weather systems, and large-scale, longer-term weather events are analyzed. Case studies are employed to investigate human, economic, and environmental consequences of extreme weather and climate events.

If you have questions or would like to request a sample syllabus, please contact Dr. Walker Ashley at (GEOG 306) or Dr. Sharon Ashley at (GEOG 303).