Monday, March 28, 2016

EntreAmigos NGO Summer Internship

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Interested in interning this summer with a school and community support organization in Mexico that incorporates various environmental initiatives into its activities? Entreamigos ("Between Friends") in San Pancho, an hour north of Puerto Vallarta, provides such internship opportunities!

Entreamigos strives to achieve its mission to increase learning opportunities for children and families through the implementation of educational programs based on principles of integration and collective community action. The vision of Entreamigos is to provide the children and families of San Pancho with the skills needed to contribute to their changing communities in a positive way.

For more information about Entreamigos visit or contact Professor Brendon Swedlow at


We expect students to cover all of their own housing, food and other expenses.  The airport to fly into is Puerto Vallarta (PVR), it is an hour from the center, we can help pick students up and bring them in.  If we are unavailable, we can hire a local taxi for 40usd to pick them up.

We do have volunteer housing available to students that it similar to staying in a hostel, with shared bathrooms and shared kitchen.  This housing must be reserved in advance. Food can be inexpensive if you eat locally and are happy to have tacos for dinner.  There is not a whole lot to spend money on in San Pancho and that is one of the unexpected consequences of the experience....  the recognition that living simply is actually pretty cool. 

I would tell students that they need to have approximately 500usd/month to cover all of their costs for shared housing, food and excursions.  They don't need a car as the town is small and they can walk or bike everywhere.   They do need to be prepared for heat and humidity, some mosquitoes and a lot of fresh delicious mangoes! 

If they would like to have air conditioning or individual housing, we can help them find it.  Prices vary widely depending on length of stay, location and amenities.