Thursday, November 12, 2015

Peace Corps Humanitarian Mapping Internship

Peace Corps Humanitarian Mapping Internship
Apply by Thursday, November 19th. Internships are unpaid and do not require security clearance or travel. 

As a Peace Corps humanitarian mapping intern, you will be responsible for ensuring that our international development teams can access real-time, accurate
geographic data during their project design and evaluation processes. We will provide training for you to digitize satellite imagery for Peace Corps Volunteers and host communities and introduce you to other organizations within the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) community. You will also have the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills and initiative by planning and hosting a humanitarian mapping party on your campus or in your community.

 Flexible schedule that fits around your classes
 Independence to be creative when planning a humanitarian mapping party
 One-on-one mentorship from dedicated staff members in the Peace Corps Office of Innovation in Washington, DC
 Network with leading digital humanitarian and geography professionals from top-notch international organizations

 Self-motivated and self-starter
 Effective community organizer
 Can quickly come up with creative solutions
 Work under minimal supervision
 Excellent oral and written communication skills
 Access to a computer with video chat capabilities for group chats (webcam and microphone)
 No prior experience with OpenStreetMap or geography needed -- if you can use a computer, you can
learn to map!

To apply, please submit your resume and your preferred internship to Courtney Clark at Internships are unpaid and do not require a security clearance or travel -- though if your application is accepted and you are in DC, we’d love to have coffee!