Monday, March 10, 2014

Courses from the School of Art

Every single 300 level Art History course has been approved for GENERAL EDUCATION/distributive studies in CVPA credit as of Fall 2014-15 catalog---that's right! Every single one!! We've more than doubled the amount of upper division humanities gen eds in one fell swoop!!!! 
But wait! There's more... Art History courses that had been deleted accidentally from interdisciplinary minors and certificates due to numbering changes have all been lovingly restored in full technicolor glory. That means Asian American Studies, Religious Studies, CLCE, Medieval Studies, Environmental Studies, Classical Studies, Cognitive Studies, Comparative Literature, Chinese Studies, Global Studies, Italian, Japanese Studies, Linguistics, Sustainable Engineering, TAMS, Urban Studies, Women's Studies, LGBT studies, Southeast Asian Studies, and Foreign Languages Teacher Certification (whew, long list!!) students can once again take their appropriate ARTH offerings. Check the upcoming catalog for numbering details.

To spice it up even more.... We've also attached a flyer introducing this Summer's 300-level Art History offering: ARTH 310 The Ancient World in Cinema.