Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Study Abroad in Indonesia

Join Dr. Shibata from Public Health to travel to Indonesia.

THEME: "Global Health, Environment, & Culture"
OBJECTIVES & OUTCOMES: The primary purpose of this program is to provide participants of the program with a unique opportunity to explore a variety of experiences Indonesia has to offer. The participants need to have their own goal that they would like to accomplish. Specific goals will need to be approved by the director of the program prior to the overseas component of this program. Expecting outcomes include that the participants will
• Obtain knowledge of different types of Indonesian environments (e.g. natural, living, and working) that could affect human health by conducting (or participating in) researches and talking with professionals (e.g. medical doctors, nurses, and local government officers).
• Gain various practical skills (e.g. field and lab, data analysis, and social) and understand Indonesian cultures through working with students of Universidad Hasanuddin (UNHAS).