Friday, November 22, 2013

Student Career Success

Internship Opportunities with Midwest Groundcovers

Midwest Groundcovers Internship Programs!
Accepting applications for 2014 Internships
Midwest Groundcovers offers an opportunity for students to experience working in several departments and locations of Midwest Groundcovers.
Customer Service/Marketing Intern
The intern will learn a variety of different aspects of marketing, including creating company promotional materials, assisting with imaging projects, learning and maintaining the plant database. The intern will capture plant and other images as directed by the Marketing department. The student will also perform various activities and learn the inner workings of our Customer Service department and spend some time in our Retail Yard.
Landscape Intern – St. Charles, Illinois
The intern will be doing “hands on” work involving display gardens at the main office and leading the landscape crew on various projects.

Production Intern (Michigan)
The intern will experience aspects of plant propagation including cutting, sticking, misting, and drenching. Additional work experiences may include inventory assistance, record keeping, cultural care, pruning, spacing, aiding in fertilization of plants, tracking degree days, disease and pest identificatio and production scheduling insight.
Production Intern (Illinois)The intern will experience aspects of plant propagation including cutting, sticking, misting, and drenching. Additional work experiences may include inventory, record keeping, cultural care, pruning, spacing, tracking degree days, and production scheduling insight.
Midwest Trading Horticultural Soils Internship
Accepting applications for 2014 Internships.
Over the course of this internship work will be done in the Center for Horticultural Soils Testing and Research running laboratory analysis and collecting data for Soil, Soilless media and their components. This includes Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscape, Green Roof, Bioswale, and other engineered blends. Additionally a research project will be conducted and presented at the conclusion of the internship. This internship involves some physically demanding work in a variety of environments and weather. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, especially Excel preferred with ability to work independently with attention to detail. This is an opportunity to learn and experience the brown side of the green industry.

There are opportunities for full-time and/or part-time internships lasting from 3-6 months during the spring and summer.
Our goal is to provide a multifaceted and meaningful opportunity for students to experience the day-to-day operations in specified focused work areas.

ALL INTERNS have the opportunity to attend educational and social events such as trade shows, seminars, in house training and our company picnic.

The intern program features an initial goal setting plan at the start of the internship with a review of the program and goal achievement at the conclusion of the program.

Get your Wildfire Management Certification

Note to wildland firefighter personnel taking a course to fulfill NWCG training requirements:
The NWCG will only acknowledge completion of these courses by those who are affiliated with an NWCG member agency (through direct membership or agreement) or a member of a fire department. To receive credit from the NWCG for completing these courses, do not attempt this training unless you have been directed to do so by a wildland fire agency or fire department, and you are working with a course administrator.

A course administrator is a person responsible for guiding a student through a self-paced course (computer based or paper based). Course administrators must meet qualifications set forth in the Field Manager’s Course Guide for each particular course; have general administrative knowledge of testing, certificates of completion and qualification system of record for the agency or agencies involved; and must be available in person, by phone, or by email to assist the student during the completion of the course.

To obtain a course administrator, Federal and State government employees must go through their agency or state fire training staff. If you are part of a local government agency please contact your State Forestry office to request their "sponsorship" for NWCG training. Contract employees must go through their company.
All students are encouraged to keep their NWCG online course certificates as proof of successful completion.

Firefighter Math
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Investigating Railroad Caused Wildfires 
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