Friday, February 8, 2013

ENVS Happenings

ABCs of Getting an Internship

An environmental studies major is being featured as a student panelist at Career Services' upcoming ABCs of Getting an Internship workshop. Lindsey Gordon will be speaking about her internship at the Illinois EPA at the workshop on Wed, Feb 13, from 5 to 6:30 in the Holmes Student Center Capitol Room. 

The ABCs of Getting an Internship workshop, now in at least its fourth offering, is designed to give students straight-from-the-source information about the value of internships and how to be a more competitive internship candidate. Lindsey will be one of four student panelists, and we will also feature four employer panelists as well as a keynote speaker. Free career books (Marketing Yourself to the Real World, by our keynote speaker), will be given to the first 150 attendees--this has often been a standing-room-only event. Refreshments will be provided.


Study Abroad in Indonesia



2nd Annual
Great Lakes Bioneers
Chicago Gathering
November 1-3, 2013

Roosevelt University
430 S. Michigan Ave.


2013 HNGR Symposium

The Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR) department at Wheaton College presents a symposium titled “Small Plots, Big Change: The Role and Potential of Small Scale Farming to Feed the Hungry.” This year’s focus is on the challenges that are inherent to small scale agriculture.

More information is available here



Earth Hour

There's just 60 days to go until the world again unites for Earth Hour on March 23, 8:30PM, so we're taking this opportunity to share how you can help us to inspire the actions for the planet we must collectively take in 2013.

If you were one of the 200,000 people who accepted an 'I Will If You Will' challenge in 2012, now is the time to prove you've completed your end of the dare!

It might have been Asia's Next Top Model host Nadya Hutagalung's challenge to give up plastic, or firemen John and Sam's challenge to take public transport instead of your car... we want to share your ongoing action for the planet with the world.

You may have been blown away by world record BASE jumper Heather Swan's challenge to go vegan for a month, or the challenge set by Isabel Lucas to plant 100 trees: just send in a photo of your completed 'I Will If You Will' to, or use the #yourplanet hash-tag on Instagram, and we'll pick the best ones to feature on our global Facebook page.

This is about becoming the inspiration to your own community and spreading the hope that the world is ready to accept the challenge of saving our planet.

To get you inspired, check out some of the amazing 'I Will If You Will' challenges from around the world that are already changing the world we live in...


In the East African nation of Uganda, we're starting the world's first "Earth Hour Forest" to fight against the 6000 hectares of deforestation that occurs in the country every month.
With much of the forests being converted to wood fuel, the rapid deforestation rate is threatening to wipe out the entire green cover of the 'Pearl of Africa'.

However our team in Uganda has already secured more than 2700 hectares of land for reforestation, and has set an ambitious goal to fill it with at least 500,000 indigenous trees for Earth Hour 2013!

Businesses, government officials and many individuals are quickly taking up the challenge set by WWF-Uganda to reach their 2013 goal. Leading the way is Standard Chartered Bank - Uganda, which has already committed to plant close to 250,000 trees, and the Ugandan Minister of State for Environment, who has personally pledged to plant 1,000 trees.
We'll keep you posted on the developments of this massive project in Uganda as we get more commitments to help make the forest a reality.

Finally, we wanted to share a huge outcome that was achieved when the citizens of Russia used Earth Hour to unite behind a common cause...


In 2012, our team in Russia used 'I Will If You Will' challenges to motivate people to add their voice to a petition to better protect the country's seas from oil pollution, after a catastrophic oil spill in Southern Russia back in 2007 caused widespread damage to the natural environment.

The voices of more than 122,000 people who accepted the 'I Will If You Will' challenges were presented to the Russian Parliament after Earth Hour, as a powerful statement to show there was a widespread desire to better protect the country's seas.

The Russian Parliament then considered the proposed amendments to the law, and just passed through legislation in December, leading to better protection of the country's seas.
These examples show that if you're a kid willing to change a classroom or a President willing to change a nation, all our actions are making a difference and inspiring the collective momentum we need to build a global community to save the planet.

So now it's over to you to show us how you're changing the world we live in...

Encourage your friends to sign up for Earth Hour at

Earth Hour 2013 - March 23, 8:30PM